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10 Hair Styling Tips

We all have bad hair days. But there are easy ways to make sure yours are few and far between - just follow these simple hair styling ideas!
• A healthy you means healthy hair
The top secret to healthy hair is to be healthy yourself. Drinking lots of water each day will make your hair shiny and prevent split ends - making hair styling far easier. Green vegetables and 'good' oils such as fish will also improve the quality of your hair, as will having plenty of sleep. Just like your skin, hair responds to changes in your lifestyle and even climate, so your hair style could need a bit of a health kick!

• Find the perfect hair style for you
Starting with the right cut is the most important part of hair styling. It is your canvas for the Great Hair Day. Visiting a salon may not be cheap, but they will be able to style your hair to suit your facial structure, skin tone and lifestyle - and that's priceless. Your hair style should make you feel great, and making sure you feel confident in your cut is your first point of call.

• Be careful with wet hair
If you wash your hair in the evening, make sure it is completely dry before you go to bed. Sleeping on wet hair will cause frizz and tangles. Make sure you only use a comb in wet hair and not a bristled hair brush - bristles will break hair and cause split ends and flyaways.

• Heat not always hair styling's enemy!
There are heaps of new products being released especially for protection against sun and heat damage. This is great news for having straight, luscious hair or that sun kissed look. Your hair style - and whole look - can be dramatically altered using hair straighteners or curling irons without damaging your hair's quality. It's not recommended every day, but can be awesome every so often when you need a bit of a change.

• Long hair styles don't need to be boring
Long hair may get a bit of a bad rap in the hair style world, but eclectic fashion trends mean you can do more with it now than ever before. Give your long hair a new lease on life by trying creative up dos, knots, quirky pigtails and sleek quaffs.

• Try different hair styling products
Hair styles get bored of using the same things, just as we do. Your hair can become a bit "tolerant" of the products you use and need a change, so shake things up a bit with a new hair styling balm or gloss, or try a new shampoo and conditioner every couple of months.

• Accessorize your hair style!
Barrettes, flowers and headbands are all back in, so take advantage of them! Simple hair clips can completely change your look - tie your hair style in with the rest of your look by using complementary colors and jewels. In summer, be fresh and funky with bright flowers. In the colder months, try headscarves and ribbons in warm colors. For the office, spice up your corporate hair style with subtle crystals or a classy hair comb.

• Try a new color
If you're bored with your hair style, a new color can bring a subtle difference or a dramatic change. Treat yourself to this season's latest colors at your salon, and consider streaks, foils or even large portions of color to dramatize the look. Alternatively, try doing it yourself - most hair color formula's can actually improve the look of your hair style and improve shine health!

• The dramatic hair style change
Having the same cut can make you feel weighed down pretty quickly. A striking change in your cut doesn't mean you should shave it all off - try some dramatic layers or a serious change in length to really stand out from the crowd. Your hair will feel lighter and sexier, and you'll feel more vibrant!

• Spoil your hair
Give your hair style the chance to revitalize with a deep conditioning treatment or salon treatment. Lifeless hair is difficult to style, so choose an intensive moisturizing product and see the difference it makes to your look. Most hair stylists recommend a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week, and even a 3-minute treatment can be enough to give new life to your hair style!

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