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T o give your skin maximum chance of rejuvenating overnight, there are some very special ingredients in night creams that some of the specialist companies are using that can have quite dramatic effects. Here is a guide to them and what they can do for you.
• Honey has been used for centuries for healing and a special type called active Manuka honey can help to restore your skin while you sleep and contains powerful antioxidants that stimulate your immune system too.
• Shea Butter is also a fantastic natural moisturizer and emollient which softens and soothes the skin. It also helps to reduce scars, blemishes and brown spots, smoothing out any wrinkles.
• This wonderful substance is rich in vitamin A and E and moisturizes deep down without being greasy, making it one of the best natural ingredients in a night cream.
• Of all the natural oils, Avocado is the king when it comes to stimulating your collagen production and healing and moisturizing and has been used since ancient times for this purpose. It is rich in vitamin A, D and E and also helps to soften the skin, being compatible with your skins own oils.
These are just some of the great ones to use for night time as their long lasting effects help to provide you with round the clock skin care and fade the signs of aging like wrinkles and bags to give you healthier and younger looking skin.
They will also promote your general health and well-being too, being rich in antioxidants and nutrients to boost your body's immune system and circulation.
Only the best night creams with these ingredients can give you a truly new skin care experience and within weeks you will notice the differences in your skin texture and tone.
To fully revitalize and rejuvenate your skin, look for these ingredients in a night cream to give you the skin you want.

Our hair is an important feature. And taking the proper care of your hair can be a sobering experience for many people. But today, more and more of us are becoming aware of the amazing benefits found in natural hair care. Using ingredients found in or derived from nature has proven time and time again to outperform anything that has come out of a laboratory, with a lot fewer side effects, if any at all.
However, Many so called "natural hair care" products can still contain harmful chemicals (ingredients) that in the long run, will not only hurt your hair but can lead to other ailments as well like sensitive scalp damage and skin rashes etc...So it is highly recommended that you always read the labels of every product you intend on using for your hair first and then test in small doses to see if you are allergic to anything in particular.
Some Ingredients You Need To Stay Away From :
• Parabens: Some manufacturers use this ingredient to try and get as much shelf life as they can out of their products, and it works but on the downside, parabens have been scientifically proven to induce cancer.
• Fragrances: Most fragrances used in natural hair care products are made from harmful chemicals and may cause a wide variety of allergic reactions, anywhere from migraines, skin soreness to undermining the healthy function of your central nervous system. You would do better sticking with products that contain natural scents, essential oils plant and fruit extracts.
• Mineral Oils: These are commonly used as moisturizers, but they are really just very greasy and easily blocks up your pores. This can lead to inflammation, sores or even hair breakage.
Some Ingredients you do want to see:
Shea butter (Butyrospermum Parkii ) Mango butter (Mangifera Indica) Cocoa butter (Theobroma Cacao) Black seed oil (nigella sativa) Argan oil (Argania spinosa) Oat oil (Avena sativa) Brazil nut oil (Emblica Officinalis) Tamanu oil (Calophyllum Inophyllum) Red palm oil (Elaesis guineensis) Cayenne pepper (Elaesis guineensis) Black pepper (Piper nigrum) Tumeric root (Curcuma longa) Ginger root ( Zingiber Officinale) Mustard (Brassica juncea) Pro-vitamin B5 (panthenol).
This list is even more endless and growing as we learn more about how to use nature to help us heal, repair, protect and beautify our hair with gentle results that will last us a lifetime.

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Tips for Face Cleaning

Normal and healthy skin can be washed simply by water as modest grease can help to retain water in your skin.
You can emphasize the T-tract if you have the mixed skin. Just rub the facial washing milk with some water and then rub your nose wing and your cheeks with it, with clean water washing at last.
The newly popular therapeutics in Japan which is called “Skin Abrosia” is not bad for the sensitive and extra-thin skin. You can just wash your face by clean water without using any cosmetics. Repeating this way one day in a week is enough. The Japanese believe that our skin has its original immunocompetence which will be destroyed if using too many excessive services. Periodic “Skin Abrosia” can active the skin recovering its normal metamolizability and relieve your skin from “live on cosmetics”.
The effect of skin cleaning in beauty salon can be achieved easily at home. Lay a hot towel on your face for 10 seconds which will benefits your lymph circulation and then wash your face with the cleanser. Don't forget to give a total wash by clean water at last.
The frequency of exfoliating in autumn and winter is no more than once a week. Sensitive skin can be washed with the mixture of washing milk and facial scrub, or just use them on the nose wing, chin and some other parts where cutin will pile up easily, so that the stimulus is reduced.
Facial cleansers that have good emulsification can help you to omit the step of washing and avoid the excessive cleaning of the skin at second time.

Believe it or not there is plenty of interest in the best skin creme for men. When it comes to anti aging some of the same rules apply to man and woman. Sun protection of course is a must. Sun damage is responsible for a lot of wrinkles and sagging skin. Men should be especially careful of the sun as they seem to spend a lot of time mowing the lawn, doing all kinds of sports, etc... In fact if their hair is thinning they should cover their scalp with a hat and/or sunscreen. The scalp should not be ignored as it is just as susceptible to skin cancer as the face.
Healthy eating, exercising and getting enough sleep are also important. When it comes to the best skin creme for men, though, guys need something with a little extra oomph to take care of inflammation issues more prevalent in males. For that one has to be willing to find a company that goes the extra mile and includes ingredients that can combat inflammation.
Luckily products do finally exist with special ingredients that go beyond what women need and actually address the special needs of males. Because guys tend to get more inflammation than women, a lotion which includes witch hazel extract is extremely beneficial. CynergyTK also goes a long way to calm down inflammation and ruddy skin.
Yet CynergyTK has another extremely important function. It helps very much in regrowing lost collagen and elastin to keep guys looking young. Thank goodness collagen and elastin can be brought up to youthful levels simply by applying the best skin care for men.
Guys, like the ladies, don't only lose collagen but they lose hyaluronic acid as well. A boost in production is badly needed as guys grow older in order to avoid saggy skin.
The best skin creme for men absolutely must contain Phytessence Wakame, which comes from Japanese sea kelp. It has the ability to keep a bad enzyme called hyaluronidase from destroying precious hyaluronic acid.
One more major threat to staying young is free radicals. They run rampant through our bodies, undoing all the good we try to do. Even something as beneficial as exercise has a dark side. It makes more free radicals.
Thank goodness for Nano-Lipobelle H EQ10, an unusual form of CoEnzyme Q10 which is a powerful antioxidant. When applied to the face it has the ability to go seven layers down to where the free radicals are doing their mischief. One by one those free radicals are quickly destroyed. Bye bye wrinkles. Only the best skin creme for men contains this one-of-a-kind antioxidant.
There actually are companies that will allow you to use the best skin creme for men for 90 days and if you're not happy you can get a total refund. It's good business. Companies are so confident that once you their wonderful product you're going to stick with it.

Prevention of thinning hair in women is not difficult . Only about 2% of the female population suffers from severe causes of female thinning hair that must be treated medically with drugs. Hair loss treatment for the majority of women is often as simple as following some basic hair loss prevention techniques that involve brushing, shampooing and hair conditioning.
The foundation of any preventative measures with respect to thinning hair in women is an understanding of the basic anatomy of the hair itself. The outer bed of each hair barb, known as the cuticle, is compiled of overlapping, scale-like cells. If the hair is cared for gently and the suitable balance of moisture and oils plus acidity is kept up, these cells lie down flat, and the hair shaft is smooth and glossy. If the cuticle gets dry, broken, or frayed away, the hair is dim, lifeless, and unwieldy. The sun, hot appliances, teasing, coloring, straightening, or a lasting waving all tend to decompose the hair's cuticle. Proper maintenance helps sustain healthy hair.
• Brushing
Brush your hair one time or twice each day, particularly prior to shampooing, to circulate scalp oils and to preclude tangling. The rougher and denser your hair is, the stiffer the brush bristles ought to be. They can be nylon, plastic, or natural (boar bristle), but should have rounded tips and smooth shafts. To brush correctly, bow at the waistline and lightly and slowly draw the brush through your hair from the nape of the neck frontwards. This protects the more delicate hair at the crown of your head and about your face.
• Shampooing
If you shampoo each day, lather hair just once (twice, if the hair is really oily or scalp is sweaty) and condition it. With less frequent washing, the general pattern is to lather twice. Shampoo cleanses with a concoction of detergents and water; any additional components such as herbs, protein, beer, or oils may bestow a pleasant aroma or feel, improve manageability, or add luster. Whether advertised so or not, virtually all shampoos are pH balanced to protect the cuticle. The most effective way to shampoo is in the shower with your back to the spray. Wet your hair thoroughly, lather the shampoo between your palms, and apply it to your hair and scalp. Do not pile your hair on top of your head; rather, begin with a scalp massage, using the balls of your fingers, not your nails, then work the shampoo down the hair strands. When lathering is completed, rinse off your hair repeatedly until it feels free of shampoo, then rinse off once again. Lift parts of long hair to be sure the spray of water gets through underneath.
• Conditioning
Conditioners make hair more manageable by nullifying the electric charges caused by shampooing and combing out: many brands also have oils, proteins, and silicone to add shininess. Study conditioner labels and experiment to find out which is correct for your hair. Put on a conditioner following each shampoo, according to label instructions. Wash soundly. If your hair is inclined to be oily, condition just the ends. If your hair is fine and also oily, try conditioning prior to shampooing. Dry your hair by blotting (not rubbing) on a towel. Untangle wet hair with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb, beginning with the ends and going backwards towards the scalp. Do not brush delicate wet hair! Air dry your hair as often as convenient; then use a hair dryer, curlers, or a curling iron exclusively for finishing up.
Closely abiding by these basic thinning hair in women prevention tips will help to stop, or at least slow down, many of the normal causes of female thinning hair.

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There are actually 12 different female body shapes. Each one as unique and defined as the next, and all easy to identify. In this guide, we look at the 6 most common body types and give you some great tips on how to use your clothing to flatter and accentuate what mother nature gave you!
• The Hourglass
If you've got big boobs, curvy hips and a nipped in waist then your hourglass figure is the envy of most women and the fantasy of most men! You have the most perfect womanly shape – do not hide it! You simply have to wear fitted clothing. You should clasp your curves and stretch your torso, so opt for V-neck cardigans and tight pencil skirts. A pointed stiletto could ruin the whole look to be sure to go for block heel rounded or peep toes for that Hollywood siren vibe!
• The Pear
This is all about proportion, and certainly not weight. Your top half is trim and balanced but you have wide hips and thick thighs. You may also feel your legs, calves and ankles lack shape. Flat fronted trousers can be your best friend. If you want to wear skirts and dresses but aren't happy with your legs, then go for a pair of straight boots. It's best to avoid any patterns or pockets around the hips and waist. Wearing a feature belt over dresses or coats will put focus on your waist and create balance.
• The Cello
You don't do small. Big boobs, big bum and big thighs, but all with an air of feminine charm – you are all woman! Your neck and legs are toned and shapely. Those boobs will look fantastic in a wide V-neck and this can be seriously versatile. Go for fixed waist skirts with sewn down panelling to flatter your tummy. A wedge heel will support your frame whilst showing off those luscious ankles.
• The Lollipop
The envy of many, and perfect for the red carpet. But daywear can be a little trickier, you find it hard to balance your shape. Bell bottom or bootcut trousers will balance out our big boobs, making you less top heavy. Try day dresses with isolated pleats to draw attention to your waist. Keep heels thin to match your legs.
• The Cornet
You were a tomboy when you were younger, and as the years passed those curvy bits never did appear. Your triangle shape is not the most feminine and you seem to live in sportswear, jeans and vest tops. Little did you know that this is the very shape that is perfect for the catwalk! Your staple wardrobe item has to be a wrap or tea dress in a draping fabric and you can get away with any pattern you fancy! Skinny jeans are ideal for playing up those snake like hips. Heels should be delicate to focus on slim calves and exquisite ankles.
• The Apple
The roundest of all the body shapes, and perfect for cuddling! You are usually the least confident but an apple shape is often just a little puppy fat or the dreaded middle age spread. Instead of draping yourself in yards of fabric, embrace your shape and adapt your style. Your body can easily be redefined if you choose the right clothing. Avoiding any extra bulk is key, so skirts and trousers should be side fastening and flat fronted. Traditional jeans aren't great with apples but if you like your denim then try a tailored, wide leg denim trouser. A small shaped wedge is the perfect shoe to show off your shapely legs. Accessorise like crazy, the bigger the better!
So there are a few pointers on how to dress no matter what your shape. And remember, shape and size are very different things.

Do Away With Dull Skin

Everyone think that their skin type is normal and any type of facial cleanser will work for them. If people want to stretch their payday advances for a little more, then they should not do so when it comes to caring for the skin. If they try to use the cheapest facial cleansers or skin lotions on their skin, they might regret it terribly once the rashes and scaly flakes fall off their faces, necks, arms, and legs. Truth to tell, normal skin is relatively rare. Most people have dry and dull skin. But what they don't know, there are many types of health concerns centering on skin. Many fall under any of these categories:

• Dry Skin
People with dry skin should avoid extra strength cleansers or toners with alcohol or witch hazel. These elements irritate flaky skin and cause more problems. A mild soap, even those formulated for babies, is sufficient enough for those who have dry skin conditions.

• Oily Skin
Water-based products are better for people plagued with oily skin. They should be careful not to use skin products that are oil-based ones. Products that have alcohol in their list of formulations should also be a no-no. Alcohol's excessively drying quality will cause the skin to react by producing more oil.

• Acne-prone Skin
Cleanse acne-prone skin with products containing benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. These are common ingredients in anti-acne products. It is also important to remember that people with acne skin problems should stay away from abrasive cleansers that could cause further irritation and damage to the skin.

• Sensitive Skin
People who have sensitive skin, especially if it is related to an allergic reaction to a facial product, should schedule a visit to a good dermatologist. These skin experts can assist anyone in choosing the correct treatment for skin problems, as well as choose the right cleansers and other products for the skin. A trip to a dermatologist can be expensive so it is advisable to take out a small instant payday loan to pay fees and skin products.

Lastly, the best way to do away with dull skin is to proper nutrition and diet. Eating the right kinds of food would work wonders to revitalizing one's skin. To improve the look of one's skin, people must eat more portions of fruits and vegetables and avoid eating fatty foods. Drinking green tea is also a healthy way to improve the skin.

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Cleaning Leather Shoes

A p air of leather shoes can be an excellent investment. Not only do leather shoes look spiffy, but also the soft, breathable (not to mention natural) material is gentle on your feet. If you do decide to go the leather route, then you will want to clean and care for your leather shoes regularly.
Cleaning leather shoes does not require much in the way of fancy or expensive materials. All you need are two rags (one wet and one dry), water and gentle, moisturizing soap. Yang Anda butuhkan adalah dua lap (satu basah dan satu kering), air dan lembut, pelembab sabun. (Saddle soap is popular when it comes to the care of leather goods. This mild soap contains softening ingredients such as lanolin, glycerin and neatsfoot oil as well as bee's wax. It softens leather while it cleans it. Saddle soap can be purchased at most shoe stores, but any gentle, moisturizing soap will do.)
• When cleaning leather shoes, it is important to ensure that the shoes do not become too wet. There is no need to drench your shoes.
• After wetting the cloth, be sure to wring it thoroughly.
• Work up a lather on the cloth using the soap, and then rub the damp, soapy cloth across the leather.
• Use the dry rag to wipe off any excess moisture or soap.
• Some people like to apply saddle soap directly to the shoes. The saddle soap can be rubbed on the outside and inside of leather shoes, but be sure to wipe off the excess soap. The saddle soap acts as a kind of sealant and conditioner for the leather. You can also purchase leather shoe conditioners at most shoe stores. These conditioners should be applied after the shoes are clean and dry.
• Never dry leather shoes next to a radiator or fire. Excessive heat can warp the leather. Leather shoes should be dried off with a towel and left to air dry. If you need to speed up the drying process, stick newspaper or other absorbent paper inside the shoes to wick out the moisture.
• Many people choose to apply colored shoe polish after cleaning their shoes. Again, the shoes should be clean and dry before applying the polish. Choose the color carefully and test it on a small section of the leather before brushing it across the body of the shoe. Polish can also act as a conditioner and protective sealant for leather shoes.

A natural night face cream is an essential part of a skin care regime, and care should be taken to choose the right one to avoid the harmful chemicals that so many today contain. A good cream will gently rejuvenate your skin, and provide essential nutrients to keep it in health.
Plant extracts and natural oils in the best night face creams will help to gently pull out dirt and grime from the day and form a barrier to lock in moisture naturally.
In sharp contrast, many regular brands use mineral oil to keep in the moisture but this by-product of petroleum strips away natural oils and clogs up the pores, leading to rashes and potential long term health implications.
Parabens are another common ingredient used as a preservative but have been linked to cancer and interfering with the body's endocrine system, which helps to regulate hormonal activity, and should be avoided.
While you sleep, the skin rejuvenates, especially between midnight and four in the morning and Avocado oil, Shea Butter and natural vitamin E help to sooth and soften the skin and strengthen the collagen to help fade wrinkles and lines.
Active Manuka honey in a night face cream is effective, containing powerful antioxidants and antibacterial qualities to boost your immune system and revitalize your skin while you sleep, helping to give your skin round the clock care.
They contain no harmful chemicals, no fragrances and only natural ingredients that work with your body, improving your general health as well and leaving you with a totally new skin care experience.
Now you know a little more about which ingredients to avoid and which to use, you can confidently go about choosing the best night face creams and enjoy healthier, younger looking skin with increased vitality.

Everyone is looking for ways to save money during this mini recession and one way is to do your own hair coloring at home rather than going to the beauty salon. Other than the expense of a home hair coloring product, the only other cost is your time. Learn to do your own hair coloring at home, save money, and feel good at the same time.
1) Hair coloring products could induce allergic reactions, hurt your hair, or produce an unflattering color if applied improperly. If you do choose to alter your hair coloration, pick out a product from a reputable manufacturer. Remember that the greater the color change you do, the more abrasive the chemical action will be. Consequently it is better to select a color only a couple of tints away from your natural color. Do not anticipate the coloration on the package to be an precise indicator of what you will get. Outcomes depend on your own hair color.
2) Never color your hair on the spur of the moment. Purchase your kit a couple of days beforehand and study the directions numerous times very carefully. Accumulate all materials you'll require, including a clock for timing and a smock to protect your wearing apparel.
3) At least twenty-four hours before you color your hair, do a "patch test" for an allergic reaction, according to the manufacturer's instructions. If inflammation or itchiness happens, don't apply the product! Bring back the hair coloring product to the store where you bought it or mail it at once back to the company for a refund of your purchase price.
4) Prior to really beginning the hair coloring process, conduct a "strand test" to discover how the coloration will appear on your hair. Snip off a strand of hair, place it in the coloring solution, and time it as suggested in the directions. Observe the precise number of minutes it takes to acquire the color you wish. Never apply a dye or bleaching agent on a reddened or cut scalp.
5) Devote accurate attention to the timing during the coloring process! It is vital to the wellness of your hair and to attaining the color you desire. Use rubber gloves to handle the hair color solution.
If you're toying with adding a permanent wave or straightening your hair besides just coloring it, it's advisable to contact a reputable beauty shop to ensure there wouldn't be any problems.
Finally, earmark some of the money saved to go out and treat yourself! After all, what is the point of changing your hair color, if no one can see you and appreciate your new hair!

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Research has shown that low levels in the bloodstream are associated with acne. Yet, supplements containing those vitamins are not always beneficial.

Good dietary sources of the vitamins A and E include fruits, vegetables, some whole grains and some kinds of vegetable oil. While some teenagers are health conscious and eat a variety of those foods, many prefer junk food.

Junk food, particular things like potato chips, cupcakes and white bread, contribute to inflammation, which is one of the root causes of acne. Those foods also cause wrinkles, because they contribute to the formation of Advanced Glycation End-products, commonly referred to as AGEs, an apt name, because they contribute to cellular aging throughout the body.

Suppose a person with acne took a supplement containing the vitamins A and E, but did not change their dietary habits. The vitamins A and E do not have anti-inflammatory activity, only antioxidant activity. So, taking the nutrients for healthy skin would not counteract the negative effects of junk food in the diet.

In addition, most of the Vitamin E supplements in the US contain synthetic vitamin E, derived from petrochemicals (petroleum byproducts). It's kind of like taking a plastic vitamin. It might look the same, but on some level, it is not the same.

I mentioned teenagers above only because the age-group has the highest number of acne sufferers. Acne, however, can occur at any age. The causes include an overgrowth of bacteria and, as mentioned above, inflammation.

Hormonal changes are most often blamed and they probably play a role in the condition. But, if tackled from a multi-tiered approach, the effects of those hormones can be minimized.

• The first step is eating foods that contain nutrients for healthy skin, for example: fruits, vegetables, whole grains and good protein sources, such as fish and lean poultry.
• The second is to avoid junk food, which may also be referred to as “simple” carbohydrates or foods with a high glycemic index.
• The third step is to use skincare products that have natural antioxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory activity. The ingredients to look for include active manuka honey, coenzyme Q10 and a compound called CYNERGY TK. The products should also include natural vitamin E, but not vitamin A or retinol.

Vitamin A might be one of the nutrients for healthy skin, but creams containing it cause redness, itching and irritation. The body can and does make its own retinol from beta-carotene and other carotenoids, found in carrots and other vegetables. Plant extracts containing beta-carotene may be used in skincare, without problem and could be beneficial.

In conclusion, active manuka honey has natural anti-bacterial activity. Coenzyme Q10 is one of the most potent antioxidants, known. CYNERGY TK provides the protein necessary for the body to create new skin cells and it has anti-inflammatory activity. Some of the better body lotions on the market contain all of those ingredients and other nutrients for healthy skin.

There are a lot of issues that a product to be considered a top rated eye cream must address. The area around the eyes is hit harder than any part of you during the course of the aging process. This is because it is not only the loss of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid that affects this area, but a bevy of things that do not affect other parts of your skin.

While the loss of this connective tissue is certainly on of the biggest causes for this area breaking down, the eye is special. The processes that involve only the eye include the thinning of the skin underneath of the eye, and the lagging removal of fluid and hemoglobin in the eye that stretches this thinning skin. This produces bags under the eye, and the larger than normal accumulation of hemoglobin causes dark circles.

There is a lot on the plate of the top rated eye cream, so you have to be sure that the product you choose has the correct mixture of the all natural ingredients that you need. Most of the formulas being sold contain only a few anti aging ingredients in them, and if one of those necessary for repairing the problem is missing your results will be disappointing.

The first thing that your formula must do is effectively treat the decline in production of your collagen and elastin, and the breakdown of your hyaluronic acid. Both of these problems can be solved through the use of products containing the compounds Functional Keratin, and Phytessence Wakame Extract. Here is how these two will rectify the tissue loss that you have suffered.

Functional Keratin is a protein blend that will promote a dramatic increase in the production of the cells necessary for the creation of collagen and elastin. Phytessence Wakame Extract comes from kelp, and it eliminates the ability of the enzyme that is destroying your hyaluronic acid to cause it to break down. With this are solved, let's see what else the top rated eye cream should contain.

Eyeliss is formed by protein peptides, which targets the bags that you develop due to the build-up of fluid underneath your skin. This ingredient will improve the lymphatic circulation under the eyes, reducing puffiness, and it improves firmness and elasticity. Eyeliss will also increase capillary permeability, which eliminates the dark circles that you have.

The top rated eye cream will also feature Haloxyl, which aids in removing hemoglobin and other waste products that also contribute to circles and bags. This ingredient has been shown to reduce dark circles by 60%, and it also aids in thickening the skin underneath the eye. This action greatly improves the appearance of this area.

Make no mistake about it. The top rated eye cream has a lot of work to do in order to correct all of the issues surrounding the eyes. Most anti aging products are not capable of getting the job done, but the one that I described here will have you looking like you old self again in no time.

Body Shape Fashion Tips

Every woman wants to feel and look great. Some women want to look good for their husbands or boyfriends, some for strangers they don't even know and some want it for themselves.
One of the most difficult things in our lives is to accept our bodies the way they are, especially when they are not perfect. But when you can achieve that and find inner peace between you and your body, you'll stop stressing out about your size and start to concentrate on more important things in your life. The first step to achieve that is to find out what body shape you are and then use mine great body shape fashion tips to disguise your flaws and show the best assets of your body.

There are four common body shapes: pear, apple, hourglass and rectangle.
• Pears
Pears have their upper body smaller than lower and when they gain weight it usually goes to their hips and thighs. Because the lower body is larger than the upper one, it's important for pears to find a balance between the two. So if your body shape is pear you should wear fitted tops in bright and light colours with different prints and to make your hips and legs look slimmer you should wear A – line or flared skirts. If you prefer jeans you should wear wide – leg or straight legged jeans in darker colours. Another great fashion tip is that if you want to bring attention to your neck and face rather then to your hips, you should wear necklaces and earrings.

• Apples
Apples have their upper body larger than lower and if they gain weight it usually goes to their waistline. So it's important to draw attention from your waist to your legs. So wear jeans that have a flat front and have back pockets that can give a little bit of curve to your flatter rear. You should stay away from jeans that are too tight as they will make you look even bigger on the top. If you prefer skirts, wear A – line skirts or short skirts that are 1 to 5 inches above the knee. The tops you shouldn't wear with those jeans and skirts are dark tops with too many patterns.

• Hourglass
If you're lucky enough to have an hourglass figure, you've found a balance that most of us. Because your shoulders and curvy hips are equal in size, you don't have to be afraid of patterns and you should go for tops with V – neck and wear some stretch denim jeans with larger hips and smaller waist. As for skirts you should wear ¾ length or full length skirts. Probably the most valuable of all body shape fashion tips for women with an hourglass figure is – don't hide your body by wearing some baggy clothes.

• Rectangle
If you have a rectangle figure you definitely have great legs and you should show them by wearing jeans with a low – rise and with back pockets that will make your bottom look fuller. Or you can wear pencil, A – lined or flared skirts. Because your figure is straight up and down you shouldn't wear vertical patterns as they will make you look even thinner, but rather wear scoop neck or V – neck tops that will make you look curvier.

We are all different in the way we look but we have one thing in common, we always find something we don't like about our bodies. So make the first step to change and find out what your body shape is and use body shape fashion tips as they can help you to take the focus of your problem areas and emphasize what is positive on your body. They can even save your time when shopping, as quite often we buy clothes that are unflattering for our figure because they don't have the right cut, colour or print.

And there's another aspect where mine body shape fashion tips can be very useful. They can help you to become more confident, because the way you feel determines the way you look. So feel confident and it definitely will show.

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The real beauty of your hair comes from the inside. If you eat food that contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, your hair will look healthier and shine more. Everything what is good to keep your organism healthy is good for your hair as well. There are products that have great effect on you if you consume them regularly.
Minerals are needed for our organisms because they stimulate certain activities of our bodies. Calcium, magnesium, manganese and potassium stimulate hair growth. You consume calcium whenever you eat beans, nuts, tofu, fish, brewer's yeast or sesame seeds. Whole grains, wheat germ, nuts, soy beans and green vegetable are great sources of magnesium. Manganese can be found in whole grain cereals, peas, fish, meat and eggs. Avocados contain both magnesium and potassium. To consume potassium you should choose bananas, dates, dried fruits, potatoes, yogurt and brown rice.
Some minerals can even prevent hair loss, there are: chromium, iodine and iron. To eat enough iodine you should choose meals that contain iodized salt, garlic, fish, kelp and seaweed. Brewer's yeast, whole wheat bread, beef and liver hide needed amount of chromium. Iron is important as well. Products that contain iron are fish, chicken, dried fruits, liver, green vegetables and whole grains.
Copper is needed for hair to sustain hair structure and color. Food sources for copper are green vegetables, eggs, whole grains, liver, beans, chicken and mollusks.
Our bodies crave vitamins just as well as minerals. Vitamins B5, B6, B12 and biotin works to prevent hair loss. Vitamin B5 and vitamin B6 hide in brewer's yeast, egg yolks, meat and whole grain cereals. Vegetables and liver are other sources for vitamin B6. Vitamin B12 can be found in eggs, chicken, fish and milk. Products to consume if you need biotin are almost the same: you need to eat whole grains, milk, egg yolks, brewer's yeast, liver and rice. Biotin and vitamin B5 also work to prevent graying, while vitamin B6 is used to create melanin, the material that gives your hair its color.
Vitamins A, C and E are antioxidants that work to keep scalp healthy. Good sources for vitamin A are spinach, cabbage, broccoli, milk, eggs, cheese, fish liver oil, peaches and apricots. Vitamin C is found in strawberries, citrus fruits, pineapple, potatoes, tomatoes, cantaloupe, dark green vegetables and kiwi. And food sources for vitamin E are soybeans, nuts, dried beans, wheat germ oil, raw seeds, leafy green vegetables and cold-pressed vegetable oils.
Vitamin B3 makes hair to grow faster. Vitamin B3 is in foods like turkey, chicken, meat, brewer's yeast, wheat germ and fish. Inositol helps hair follicles to stay healthy. Food sources for this vitamin are liver, brewer's yeast, citrus fruits and whole grains.

Long hair styles

Long hair styles are still a feature that makes women look as feminine as possible. But long hair requires a lot of care. If you want to look really fashionable, you have to pay attention and style your hair every day. Pony tail is surely an old and unfashionable long hair style.
With long hair you may style it in many ways. Various ways of twinning, twisting parting and tufts may create you various styles and enable to have different looks every day. But, if you don't have enough time to style your long hair ever day, you may choose from variety of cuts that doesn't require any special care.
Long and layered cuts are very fashionable nowadays. It's especially popular between ladies with straight hair. You may apply some spray or gel, but it won't make much difference.
Another popular long hair style is lengthy curls. As you already have a messy look you don't have to do anything to look good. It's very comfortable for busy ladies. If you have straight hair, don't be afraid to get permanent waves, they'll last for at least a few months and the only thing you'll have to do to make your hair look good is apply mousse.
One of the greatest advantage of long hair is that if you overslept and don't have time to wash your hair, you may simply twin them or get a tuft. It's also a fact that long hair doesn't get greasy as fast as short ones, so you won't have to wash it that often.
Long hair is also very convenient if you want to cover some disadvantages of your face. All you have to do is get a professional stylist and your problem is solved. If you, for example, have a narrow forehead, get your wear your hair wide and full at the top and temples, brushed away from the face and up toward the ears to widen forehead. Any feature may be covered by choosing the right hair style.
It's also a fact that long hair looks good for any woman, unlike short hair styles. Though it may require more care, but styling them is surely easier. You won't have to cut them as often as short hair and even if you won't like the way you look, you'll always be able to get a pony tail (however, it's not the best way out).
If you want to make your hair really impressive, get various pins and you'll be able to make various hair styles. Be creative, get your hair up, twist your parting, twin some of your hair and you will sure look original.
Although long hair needs more care, it's surely easier to style them. Moreover, there are more ways to get them done and you may easily get original looks every day. Long hair suits any woman with any face shape. Long hair styles are always fashionable and are undoubtedly the best way to look feminine.

You must believe in yourself and just wish you were in a better shape. You don't want to be big and muscular, but you do want to look athletic and fit. You worry about dieting because of all the crazy information out there, and more than anything, you want to be healthy.
On top of this, everyone tells you to just be patient, wait till your body matures, and don't worry about that, you are still too young.
To begin with, let's look at nutrition. There are three types of molecules in food that we have to be concerned with: Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats. It is important that your body receive certain portions of all of these.
However, what you may not know, is that when you take them in is also important. There are list a few good food types so that you understand the differences.
• Protein: Egg yolks, Fish, Chicken, Red meat, Pork
• Carbohydrate: Rice, Potatoes, Green beans, Corn, Broccoli
• Fat: Olive oil, Butter, Vegetable oil, Canola, Nut Oil

Now, there are some very simple rules that you can follow to put you on the path to sensible eating:
• Eat 5-7 small meals per day
• Always include some protein with every meal
• Take in no simple carbohydrates, like breads, candy, etc.
• Take in only green cars within 4 hours of bed time
• If trying to lose weight, eat carbs with first 3 meals only
• If trying to gain weight, eat carbs with all meals except last
Now, let's take a look at exercise. There are three types of exercise, realistically, that you will want to be concerned with at this point. These are cardiovascular, weight training and cross-training. Again, the following list will provide some insight into the different types.
• Cardiovascular: Biking, Hiking, Step climbing.
• Weight-Training: Free weights, Weight machines.
• Cross-training: Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Swimming.
Additional rules for exercising
Engage in Cross-training or cardiovascular exercise at least 3 times per week, for no less than 30 mins. When beginning to weight train, work out the entire body 2-3 times per week. Always allow at least one day between workouts. When in doubt, use free weights, not machines. Free weights will strengthen joints and connective tissue, machine typically do not. In the beginning, training should focus on 3 key areas, Back, Chest and Legs. You should always use a full range of motion when doing any exercise.
Exercising at home
• Deep squats, holding a large book in each hand, hands out to a side
• Shoulder presses with either buckets, paint cans, or anything else
• Push-ups
• Leg lifts on a chair
• Arm curls

Kamis, 05 November 2009

Beautiful Feet

Having cracked or bleeding feet is never desirable to anyone. You need to know how to care for your feet, if you wish to get such beautiful feet. Setting aside some time from your daily schedule, about half an hour, for a regular foot treatment will keep them healthy and beautiful throughout the year. There are the foot care tips that will make beautiful foot:
• Apply a foot scrub every day, preferably after a tiring day at work. You can either make a scrub at Beauty Tips or simply buy one that contains essential oils . Massage the ingredients into your feet, and leave on for 5-10 minutes. Wash off with warm water. This method is helpful when it comes to saving time as well as getting the desired effect.

• Use a moisturizer everyday on your feet, after bath and before going to sleep, carefully massaging into the dry areas, nails and the cuticles. This will keep the feet feeling soft.

The word we can hear rather often but don't have a complete understanding what is the beauty sleep. We usually use this phrase to make a joke, but beauty sleep is actually a real thing and we all can get it. But, most people misunderstand the phrase.
Most of us think that if you are sleeping in any time but night - you are having beauty sleep. That's so not true! Beauty sleep is actually included in your night sleep, yet not every one gets it. Your body needs to have a sleeping routine, you should go to sleep and get up at about the same time everyday. Only in such case you'll get your beauty sleep.
Don't believe in that illusion that if you'll get your beauty sleep, you'll naturally become beautiful. People who don't have sleeping routine commonly look tires, because their body gets tired of the changing life rhythm. Those who get their beauty sleep look fresh and full of energy. Bad sleep can affect your weight as well. While you are sleeping, your body reduces stress hormones, which are important for fat loss. That means: the more sleep you get the more hormones are lost and the less weight you are in danger to get.
Skin is also very sensitive to your sleep changes. Body uses sleeping time to restore dead skin. If you don’t get enough sleep, your skin may look pale or even gray, you'll probably get black circles under your eyes. You must avoid all these unwanted effects is to set your everyday sleeping time.
You should take care of your sleep quality as well. If you are having nightmares or after a whole night sleep you still feel tired, try something as listening to meditation music before going to sleep (you may leave it turned on while sleeping) or having a hot aroma bath before getting to bed. If this doesn't help, you are really stressed or have some serious health problems and you should ask for some professional help.
To use beauty sleep advantages at the maximum, use night creams and lotions for your body, exercise when you get up and eat healthy food at least for breakfast. Try to control your self and don't get too much stress , so that your body wouldn't be very busy at night and you could have a better rest.
Don't expect too much of it. As mentioned before your appearance won't change. You'll simple look fresh and your skin will be beautiful, you won't have black circles around. You won't feel tired therefore even your mood will get better.
Sleep is a very important part of our lives although many people don't pay any attention to quantity and quality of sleep. Beauty sleep is important not only for those who seek to be beautiful but for all of us because it is also very healthy. Although you may lose some day time, the one that you'll still have left will surely be much better!

Body-care tips for men

Everybody prefers to be beautiful. No matter what your gender is, if you want to be accepted by other people you must take care not only of your inside but of your body as well. Men should take care of their body just as carefully as women do, if they do want to look great. No matter how beautiful you naturally are, you must take care of your body, because beautiful body is the only thing that will make you really attractive.
• First of all take care of your body. Beautiful body, some muscles will surely attract a lot of girls, and you'll feel better. Well-built man will look attractive to women and will make an impression on other men. It's not only physical but also psychological issue.
• You are a man, so you have to shave, don't be lazy. It's not that hard to shave your facial hair every day or at least every second day. You'll look tidy, which is also very important if you want to make a good impression on other people. Yet, there are some men who look perfect with three days beard. It gives them the charm that would win any woman's heart. However, you have to be sure it suits your style and fits you well. Ask your female friend for her opinion on the matter, so you don't make a huge mistake. Women will tell you the real truth.
• While talking about shaving, most men do not shave their armpits. And they should. It's nothing shameful. Have in mind that it smells. There's nothing feminine about it. You are just taking care of your body. Any women would appreciate that. Shaved armpits won't smell and you won't sweat so much.
• Taking care of your nails is also very important and not feminine at all. He would look untidy, and that's the biggest mistake one can make. It doesn't mean that you have to polish them or anything like that. Just cut them, and make sure they are always clean.
• Every man should always smell good. Using perfume is a great thing. Scent is a great thing, it has many stimulating feature and good smell may help you in various situation without you even noticing that. Choose perfume you like and you won't even smell it yourself, while you will surely make a good impression on other people.
• Take care of your hair. Don't let them get greasy, use hair conditioner to make them look soft. No matter what hair style you sport, it just won't look good if your hair will be greasy or look unhealthy. Beautiful hair is a great way to look better.
• Don't forget that it's all about looking tidy. No matter what style you prefer, make sure your clothes are always clean, without any holes and stuff like that. No matter what it takes for you to look tidy, be sure it's worth doing it. It's not that hard to do some basic things, which take no time. You will not just make a good impression on other people, but feel much better as well.

Vitamins for Skin

There are several vitamins which useful to our skin:
• Vitamin A (The Strongest Wrinkle Fighter)
Vitamin A is essential for the formation of healthy skin cells. Deficiency of Vitamin A over a long period of time can lead to thick, itchy dry skin which can be prone to infection. Taking vitamin A as a supplement can also be helpful for treating many skin disorders such as acne, eczema, rashes and infections.

• Vitamin B (The Skin Conditioner)
The B vitamins are important for skin and nerve health. It may be helpful to take if you suffer from dull skin.

• Vitamin C (The Skin Defense System)
One of vitamin C main role is the manufacture of collagen, the substance which forms the basis of connective tissue, or the glue that holds the skin cells together. Collagen fibres act to hold the skin taut and firm as we age. Vitamin C is also an antioxidant which means it is able to neutralise the dangerous molecules called free radicals that form when the body is exposed to sunlight, smog and cigarette smoke.

• Vitamin E (For Extra Protection)
Both vitamin C and vitamin E have been shown to protect the skin against sun damage. Vitamin E is an oil so it helps to soften the complexion. Taken as a supplement vitamin E is absorbed into cell membranes where it acts as an antioxidant, protecting the cells from damage.

Vitamin E comes in different forms: the more potent version is alpha tocopherol. You can add the contents of a vitamin E capsule to your regular moisturizer.

Healthy Skin

Skin is one of the most important elements to our beauty to a great extent. But because of the hectic daily schedule most of us get little time to take thorough care of it. So, the skin most often go neglected. A healthy skin is not a gift of God but how the effort to keep it healthy. There are several ways and habits to be followed to get a healthy skin. Although there are various types of skin but the basic types happen to be dry skin, oily skin and normal skin. There are more ways to take care of the skin but the basic requirement is to provide nourishment to the skin and this will result in a healthy skin glowing with life.
Tips for keeping skin healthy
• Staying Away from Sun
Our skin should never be exposed to the direct ray of the sun as the ultra violet ray emitted by the sun rays is immensely harmful to our skin. The UV ray causes damage to our skin to a great extent. It leads to wrinkles, dry and rough skin, pigmentation and therefore gives the skin look old prematurely. It is very difficult to ignore the sunlight as one can’t help going out for work purpose and therefore he or she has to come in contact with the sun but there are certain ways by practicing which we can keep away the harmful effects of the sun. This can be done by taking the following measures. One must make it a point, not to stay for prolonged hour under sun. One must always wear cloths which will protect the skin from sun rays. For instance, it is better to wear long sleeved dresses than short sleeved ones. Clothes made of fabrics which are tightly woven, such as denim doesn’t provide much exposure to the sun. These cloths will on one hand protect the body from the sun rays and at the same time keep one comfortable and cool from inside. The most important point is to use a sunscreen crème or lotion whenever going out under sun. It is better to use them about 20 minutes before going out and then if one is continuously under the sun then repeat it in every 2 hours.

• Washing the skin
A daily skin care routine must be followed in order to keep the skin healthy. The skin should be washed regularly with a mild soap, an herbal soap is preferable. In order to get a healthy skin it is mandatory to moisturize it thoroughly using gentle strokes, at least once in a day. It is good to wash the skin with lukewarm water and if some soap or crème is causing irritation, then the use of it should be stopped immediately.

Smoking shouldn’t be indulged

Smoking renders harmful effect to ski. It creates wrinkles and takes away the natural glow of the skin. Therefore one shouldn’t smoke in order to have a healthy skin

Diet for Skin

As we need food to live, the same way skin also requires balanced nourishment to sustain. The nourishment comes from the food we eat. Therefore in order to have a full fed skin, we must be on a healthy diet. It is not proper to a great deal of junk food rich in oil content, so, one should keep away from fried delights. It will be great, to have lots of green vegetables as they just do wonder to our skin. Drinking lots of water should also be an essential part of our skin routine.

20 Beauty Secrets

There are the 20 things we wish we knew when we were teenagers:
• Skip the foundation
Foundation is for women over 35. Foundation adalah untuk wanita di atas 35. Not only will it cover up your natural beauty, but foundation on a teenager looks anything but natural. Instead, cover up blemishes with concealer, then follow with a powder or tinted mosturizer. Tinted moisturizers tend to be lighter than heavy foundations.

• Less is more
Ever notice how some of your friends look best with no makeup at all? No matter your age, too much makeup makes you look worse. If you wear foundation, powder, blush, liner, mascara, eyeshadow, lip liner and gloss on an everyday basis, then you're overdoing it. Tone it down: All you really need is a great mascara, concealer for blemishes and gloss. Add a pop of blush in winter.

• You pat concealer in, you never rub it in
When applying concealer, put a bit on the pad of your middle finger and pat it in. Never rub. Got acne? Pat the concealer on top of it.

• Vaseline is your best friend
Vaseline is a great, cheap eye makeup remover. It's also great for fixing chapped, scaly lips. Slather on a bunch of Vaseline, then use a toothbrush to massage lips. Wipe the excess off on a tissue. Your lips will be smooth and soft.

• Play up your lips or your eyes, never both
If you are wearing heavy eye makeup, go for nude lips with just a bit of gloss. Keep face light (stay away from heavy blush) and wear only mascara on your eyes and a light eyeshadow. Don't heavily line your eyes. Play up both and you'll look like a clown. And never, ever line lips in a darker color than your gloss or lipstick.

• Buying foundation or lipstick?
There are some beauty products you simply must try out at a department store or Sephora before you buy. These include: Foundation, lipstick, blush and powder. Buy these products in a grocery store and you'll be lucky if you picked the right color for your skin tone. What you can get away with without testing: Mascara, eye liner, most basic eye shadows and lip gloss.

• You can never go wrong with layers
Long layers are great for any hair type: Super curly, straight or wavy. It makes thin hair appear thicker, curly hair appear manageable and wavy hair appear just-got-back-from-the-beach sexy. Just make sure you don't get too many layers cut in. Too many short layers is dated.

• Acne?
Get thee to a dermatologist, stat Biggest mistake people with acne make? Not going to a dermatologist. Getting rid of those pimples will be the best investment you'll ever make. And the only guaranteed way to do it is with a dermatologist.

• Spend money on key beauty products
Not sure what to splurge on and what to save on? I give you the scoop in this article . See if you should splurge or save on cleansers, mascara, concealer and more.

• When can you skip sunscreen ?
Here's a trick we wish we knew: The first beauty product you should apply every day is sunscreen, even if it's cloudy or rainy outside. Good habits start young and if you use sunscreen now, you'll have gorgeous skin when you're 50, 60, 70. Remember, the sun's UV rays can penetrate clouds and car windows.

• Natural hair is always hot
If you have super dark hair, lighten your look by going a shade darker or getting lighter highlights. Try highlights, especially framing the face. We see too many teens lightening their hair several shades and the look can be super-tacky, not super-fabulous. The trick is to let people assume you were born with sun-kissed hair, not that you gave yourself a bad dye job from a bottle.

• Wrapping hair around the barrel creates waves
There's nothing cooler than long, layered waves. To get them, wind hair AROUND the barrel of a large curling iron. Reverse direction for each 2-inch section (wind up for one, down for another).

• Don't let nails go
Not into manicures and pedicures? Just make sure to keep nails clean and the same length. If you do want to paint them, don't keep the polish on until half of it's chipped away. Also, there's nothing worse than too-long toenails. Keep nails clipped between pedicures! People tend to judge others by the care they put into their hands and feet.

• Don't line the inside of your eyes
It will make your eyes appear smaller. Instead, line just at the lash line. Also, an obvious line doesn't look natural.

• Oily hair?
If you have blonde hair, sprinkling a bit of baby powder on your roots and at your crown will soak up excess oils. If you have brown hair, you might be better off with a dry shampoo for your hair color.

Selasa, 03 November 2009

There are lots of reasons to appreciate even cherish the body you have. For one thing, accepting yourself is a lot more fun, than constantly obsessing over what you don't like, don't have, or want to 'fix.' "Your body is yours, uniquely yours, to use, take care of, and to treasure.
Here are some things to help you appreciate all that is -- you!
• Stop Talking About Your Weight (or your hair, face, whatever)
Every time you disparage yourself somebody is listening. Literally, your body 'hears' what you say and your negative feelings are reinforced and further internalized. Because you're hurting the one you love you.

• Think About What You're Missing
Consider this: What do you miss out on when you don't accept your body and treat it well? Aside from the physical and mental health risks, think about all the things you refrain from doing, trying, being. Think about all the people you don't meet, the cool things you never experience, when you let a pesky negative body image stand in your way.

• Concentrate on Things You Do Well
Why focus on what you don't like when you could just as easily focus on what you do like? Keep busy; there's nothing like talking with a friend or playing a vigorous game of volleyball to make you forget about your silly ole appearance. Change your focus, and you'll soon see a change in how you feel.

• Make a List of People You Admire
Who do you think is cool? What do you think are the most important traits a person can have? List who you admire, or people you recognize as having made a difference in your life, or in the world. Likely your list is chock full of smart, kind, creative, inventive, funny, talented, self-confident people. And, aren't you a couple of those things yourself? (And if self-confident isn't one of them, why not start today?)

• Don't Believe the Hype!
Remember: The objective of the fashion, cosmetic, diet, fitness and plastic surgery industries is not to inform, serve, guide or help you. It is to make money. And how do they make their gazillions of dollars? By suggesting that you need to be different, and that you need to spend money to get that way.
Think about it: Their very existence is predicated on you not liking you the way you are. Remember: You're the boss of you. Don't define yourself by arbitrary, external dictates. Instead, work on developing your own style. Have fun. Wear something weird. Or don't. Do what feels right, and you won't go wrong.


To tell you the truth, being beautiful and even elegant is easier than it might seem. If you are willing to follow some simple steps, you will look wonderful every single day as well. All you have to do is take care of yourself.
• When it comes to makeup, remember one rule: natural = beautiful. Yet, most women apply makeup everyday. It's ok, just make too much of it. Remember that there's a rather great difference between daily and evening makeup Ladies who has beautiful skin should use only mascara and lipstick . Powder is acceptable only for those who have some skin problems.

• If you want to look beautiful you can't leave home with dirty hair. You must wash it every two days. If you have oily hair , wash them daily. Don't forget to visit your hair dresser constantly. Don't let your hair look greasy or untidy Jangan biarkan rambut Anda terlihat berminyak atau berantakan. It surely makes a bad impression.

• Be adequately careful with your clothing. You don't have to be super fashionable or stylish. Just make sure your clothes are clean and fresh and no matter what your style is, you will look nice. Don't forget to make sure your clothes are not too small and too shaggy for you, because it makes an impression of an untidy person.

• Your nails are also very important. You would get surprised how much attention people pay to your hands. To think of it yourself, would you find a person with dirty or broken nails attractive? Probably not, so you're not an exception and if you want to be attractive, be very attentive to every little detail.

• Don't forget grace! Straight back and small steps will guarantee you an elegant look that will make you charming and attractive. For most women it comes as a surprise that graceful walk are so important, but once again, haven't you ever noticed how beautiful and elegant seem those ladies who walks with straight back and head up?

• Mind your manners. Doing nothing that is unacceptable in public doesn't mean your manners are good. Don't forget to sorry and thank people, control your tone while talking to others and even clean your language. Talking properly will and in nice tone will help you in your relationship with colleagues, friends and even family members.

• Combining all these things will undoubtedly make you look beautiful. Beauty is not all about facial features or body shape. Every single woman can feel and really look wonderful, all you have to do is pay attention to your self and find some time to take care of your looks. And don't forget, that only when you'll find yourself attractive and charming other people will find attractive and charming as well.


What men and women think of natural and fake beauty? There can be no discussion - everyone adores natural things. But we are all different and in spite of copying someone we should simply emphasize the beauty we have. Do some sports, eat healthy food and you will soon have the shape you want.
Makeup is ok. You may use it to hide some details you don't like, but why to use so much of it? Women know that self-confident, charming and communicative female does not necessarily have to wear makeup or have a perfect skin or face shape to be a center of attention. It's a common truth that people adore natural looks, and if one says a compliment to you when you are wearing evening makeup, that still doesn't mean you should wear it all the time.
It may not be perfect, but the point is - it is natural. Whole world adores natural things, so before having a plastic surgery or doing makeup in the morning think whether you really need it.
Take care of your skin, learn to hide the details you don't like about yourself and you'll definitely feel better knowing that you are beautiful. Naturally.


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