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Healthy Skin

Skin is one of the most important elements to our beauty to a great extent. But because of the hectic daily schedule most of us get little time to take thorough care of it. So, the skin most often go neglected. A healthy skin is not a gift of God but how the effort to keep it healthy. There are several ways and habits to be followed to get a healthy skin. Although there are various types of skin but the basic types happen to be dry skin, oily skin and normal skin. There are more ways to take care of the skin but the basic requirement is to provide nourishment to the skin and this will result in a healthy skin glowing with life.
Tips for keeping skin healthy
• Staying Away from Sun
Our skin should never be exposed to the direct ray of the sun as the ultra violet ray emitted by the sun rays is immensely harmful to our skin. The UV ray causes damage to our skin to a great extent. It leads to wrinkles, dry and rough skin, pigmentation and therefore gives the skin look old prematurely. It is very difficult to ignore the sunlight as one can’t help going out for work purpose and therefore he or she has to come in contact with the sun but there are certain ways by practicing which we can keep away the harmful effects of the sun. This can be done by taking the following measures. One must make it a point, not to stay for prolonged hour under sun. One must always wear cloths which will protect the skin from sun rays. For instance, it is better to wear long sleeved dresses than short sleeved ones. Clothes made of fabrics which are tightly woven, such as denim doesn’t provide much exposure to the sun. These cloths will on one hand protect the body from the sun rays and at the same time keep one comfortable and cool from inside. The most important point is to use a sunscreen crème or lotion whenever going out under sun. It is better to use them about 20 minutes before going out and then if one is continuously under the sun then repeat it in every 2 hours.

• Washing the skin
A daily skin care routine must be followed in order to keep the skin healthy. The skin should be washed regularly with a mild soap, an herbal soap is preferable. In order to get a healthy skin it is mandatory to moisturize it thoroughly using gentle strokes, at least once in a day. It is good to wash the skin with lukewarm water and if some soap or crème is causing irritation, then the use of it should be stopped immediately.

Smoking shouldn’t be indulged

Smoking renders harmful effect to ski. It creates wrinkles and takes away the natural glow of the skin. Therefore one shouldn’t smoke in order to have a healthy skin

Diet for Skin

As we need food to live, the same way skin also requires balanced nourishment to sustain. The nourishment comes from the food we eat. Therefore in order to have a full fed skin, we must be on a healthy diet. It is not proper to a great deal of junk food rich in oil content, so, one should keep away from fried delights. It will be great, to have lots of green vegetables as they just do wonder to our skin. Drinking lots of water should also be an essential part of our skin routine.

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