Selasa, 03 November 2009


To tell you the truth, being beautiful and even elegant is easier than it might seem. If you are willing to follow some simple steps, you will look wonderful every single day as well. All you have to do is take care of yourself.
• When it comes to makeup, remember one rule: natural = beautiful. Yet, most women apply makeup everyday. It's ok, just make too much of it. Remember that there's a rather great difference between daily and evening makeup Ladies who has beautiful skin should use only mascara and lipstick . Powder is acceptable only for those who have some skin problems.

• If you want to look beautiful you can't leave home with dirty hair. You must wash it every two days. If you have oily hair , wash them daily. Don't forget to visit your hair dresser constantly. Don't let your hair look greasy or untidy Jangan biarkan rambut Anda terlihat berminyak atau berantakan. It surely makes a bad impression.

• Be adequately careful with your clothing. You don't have to be super fashionable or stylish. Just make sure your clothes are clean and fresh and no matter what your style is, you will look nice. Don't forget to make sure your clothes are not too small and too shaggy for you, because it makes an impression of an untidy person.

• Your nails are also very important. You would get surprised how much attention people pay to your hands. To think of it yourself, would you find a person with dirty or broken nails attractive? Probably not, so you're not an exception and if you want to be attractive, be very attentive to every little detail.

• Don't forget grace! Straight back and small steps will guarantee you an elegant look that will make you charming and attractive. For most women it comes as a surprise that graceful walk are so important, but once again, haven't you ever noticed how beautiful and elegant seem those ladies who walks with straight back and head up?

• Mind your manners. Doing nothing that is unacceptable in public doesn't mean your manners are good. Don't forget to sorry and thank people, control your tone while talking to others and even clean your language. Talking properly will and in nice tone will help you in your relationship with colleagues, friends and even family members.

• Combining all these things will undoubtedly make you look beautiful. Beauty is not all about facial features or body shape. Every single woman can feel and really look wonderful, all you have to do is pay attention to your self and find some time to take care of your looks. And don't forget, that only when you'll find yourself attractive and charming other people will find attractive and charming as well.

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