Senin, 16 November 2009

Choosing The Best Night Face Cream

A natural night face cream is an essential part of a skin care regime, and care should be taken to choose the right one to avoid the harmful chemicals that so many today contain. A good cream will gently rejuvenate your skin, and provide essential nutrients to keep it in health.
Plant extracts and natural oils in the best night face creams will help to gently pull out dirt and grime from the day and form a barrier to lock in moisture naturally.
In sharp contrast, many regular brands use mineral oil to keep in the moisture but this by-product of petroleum strips away natural oils and clogs up the pores, leading to rashes and potential long term health implications.
Parabens are another common ingredient used as a preservative but have been linked to cancer and interfering with the body's endocrine system, which helps to regulate hormonal activity, and should be avoided.
While you sleep, the skin rejuvenates, especially between midnight and four in the morning and Avocado oil, Shea Butter and natural vitamin E help to sooth and soften the skin and strengthen the collagen to help fade wrinkles and lines.
Active Manuka honey in a night face cream is effective, containing powerful antioxidants and antibacterial qualities to boost your immune system and revitalize your skin while you sleep, helping to give your skin round the clock care.
They contain no harmful chemicals, no fragrances and only natural ingredients that work with your body, improving your general health as well and leaving you with a totally new skin care experience.
Now you know a little more about which ingredients to avoid and which to use, you can confidently go about choosing the best night face creams and enjoy healthier, younger looking skin with increased vitality.

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