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There are actually 12 different female body shapes. Each one as unique and defined as the next, and all easy to identify. In this guide, we look at the 6 most common body types and give you some great tips on how to use your clothing to flatter and accentuate what mother nature gave you!
• The Hourglass
If you've got big boobs, curvy hips and a nipped in waist then your hourglass figure is the envy of most women and the fantasy of most men! You have the most perfect womanly shape – do not hide it! You simply have to wear fitted clothing. You should clasp your curves and stretch your torso, so opt for V-neck cardigans and tight pencil skirts. A pointed stiletto could ruin the whole look to be sure to go for block heel rounded or peep toes for that Hollywood siren vibe!
• The Pear
This is all about proportion, and certainly not weight. Your top half is trim and balanced but you have wide hips and thick thighs. You may also feel your legs, calves and ankles lack shape. Flat fronted trousers can be your best friend. If you want to wear skirts and dresses but aren't happy with your legs, then go for a pair of straight boots. It's best to avoid any patterns or pockets around the hips and waist. Wearing a feature belt over dresses or coats will put focus on your waist and create balance.
• The Cello
You don't do small. Big boobs, big bum and big thighs, but all with an air of feminine charm – you are all woman! Your neck and legs are toned and shapely. Those boobs will look fantastic in a wide V-neck and this can be seriously versatile. Go for fixed waist skirts with sewn down panelling to flatter your tummy. A wedge heel will support your frame whilst showing off those luscious ankles.
• The Lollipop
The envy of many, and perfect for the red carpet. But daywear can be a little trickier, you find it hard to balance your shape. Bell bottom or bootcut trousers will balance out our big boobs, making you less top heavy. Try day dresses with isolated pleats to draw attention to your waist. Keep heels thin to match your legs.
• The Cornet
You were a tomboy when you were younger, and as the years passed those curvy bits never did appear. Your triangle shape is not the most feminine and you seem to live in sportswear, jeans and vest tops. Little did you know that this is the very shape that is perfect for the catwalk! Your staple wardrobe item has to be a wrap or tea dress in a draping fabric and you can get away with any pattern you fancy! Skinny jeans are ideal for playing up those snake like hips. Heels should be delicate to focus on slim calves and exquisite ankles.
• The Apple
The roundest of all the body shapes, and perfect for cuddling! You are usually the least confident but an apple shape is often just a little puppy fat or the dreaded middle age spread. Instead of draping yourself in yards of fabric, embrace your shape and adapt your style. Your body can easily be redefined if you choose the right clothing. Avoiding any extra bulk is key, so skirts and trousers should be side fastening and flat fronted. Traditional jeans aren't great with apples but if you like your denim then try a tailored, wide leg denim trouser. A small shaped wedge is the perfect shoe to show off your shapely legs. Accessorise like crazy, the bigger the better!
So there are a few pointers on how to dress no matter what your shape. And remember, shape and size are very different things.

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