Senin, 16 November 2009

Everyone is looking for ways to save money during this mini recession and one way is to do your own hair coloring at home rather than going to the beauty salon. Other than the expense of a home hair coloring product, the only other cost is your time. Learn to do your own hair coloring at home, save money, and feel good at the same time.
1) Hair coloring products could induce allergic reactions, hurt your hair, or produce an unflattering color if applied improperly. If you do choose to alter your hair coloration, pick out a product from a reputable manufacturer. Remember that the greater the color change you do, the more abrasive the chemical action will be. Consequently it is better to select a color only a couple of tints away from your natural color. Do not anticipate the coloration on the package to be an precise indicator of what you will get. Outcomes depend on your own hair color.
2) Never color your hair on the spur of the moment. Purchase your kit a couple of days beforehand and study the directions numerous times very carefully. Accumulate all materials you'll require, including a clock for timing and a smock to protect your wearing apparel.
3) At least twenty-four hours before you color your hair, do a "patch test" for an allergic reaction, according to the manufacturer's instructions. If inflammation or itchiness happens, don't apply the product! Bring back the hair coloring product to the store where you bought it or mail it at once back to the company for a refund of your purchase price.
4) Prior to really beginning the hair coloring process, conduct a "strand test" to discover how the coloration will appear on your hair. Snip off a strand of hair, place it in the coloring solution, and time it as suggested in the directions. Observe the precise number of minutes it takes to acquire the color you wish. Never apply a dye or bleaching agent on a reddened or cut scalp.
5) Devote accurate attention to the timing during the coloring process! It is vital to the wellness of your hair and to attaining the color you desire. Use rubber gloves to handle the hair color solution.
If you're toying with adding a permanent wave or straightening your hair besides just coloring it, it's advisable to contact a reputable beauty shop to ensure there wouldn't be any problems.
Finally, earmark some of the money saved to go out and treat yourself! After all, what is the point of changing your hair color, if no one can see you and appreciate your new hair!

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