Minggu, 22 November 2009

Tips for Face Cleaning

Normal and healthy skin can be washed simply by water as modest grease can help to retain water in your skin.
You can emphasize the T-tract if you have the mixed skin. Just rub the facial washing milk with some water and then rub your nose wing and your cheeks with it, with clean water washing at last.
The newly popular therapeutics in Japan which is called “Skin Abrosia” is not bad for the sensitive and extra-thin skin. You can just wash your face by clean water without using any cosmetics. Repeating this way one day in a week is enough. The Japanese believe that our skin has its original immunocompetence which will be destroyed if using too many excessive services. Periodic “Skin Abrosia” can active the skin recovering its normal metamolizability and relieve your skin from “live on cosmetics”.
The effect of skin cleaning in beauty salon can be achieved easily at home. Lay a hot towel on your face for 10 seconds which will benefits your lymph circulation and then wash your face with the cleanser. Don't forget to give a total wash by clean water at last.
The frequency of exfoliating in autumn and winter is no more than once a week. Sensitive skin can be washed with the mixture of washing milk and facial scrub, or just use them on the nose wing, chin and some other parts where cutin will pile up easily, so that the stimulus is reduced.
Facial cleansers that have good emulsification can help you to omit the step of washing and avoid the excessive cleaning of the skin at second time.

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