Kamis, 05 November 2009

Body-care tips for men

Everybody prefers to be beautiful. No matter what your gender is, if you want to be accepted by other people you must take care not only of your inside but of your body as well. Men should take care of their body just as carefully as women do, if they do want to look great. No matter how beautiful you naturally are, you must take care of your body, because beautiful body is the only thing that will make you really attractive.
• First of all take care of your body. Beautiful body, some muscles will surely attract a lot of girls, and you'll feel better. Well-built man will look attractive to women and will make an impression on other men. It's not only physical but also psychological issue.
• You are a man, so you have to shave, don't be lazy. It's not that hard to shave your facial hair every day or at least every second day. You'll look tidy, which is also very important if you want to make a good impression on other people. Yet, there are some men who look perfect with three days beard. It gives them the charm that would win any woman's heart. However, you have to be sure it suits your style and fits you well. Ask your female friend for her opinion on the matter, so you don't make a huge mistake. Women will tell you the real truth.
• While talking about shaving, most men do not shave their armpits. And they should. It's nothing shameful. Have in mind that it smells. There's nothing feminine about it. You are just taking care of your body. Any women would appreciate that. Shaved armpits won't smell and you won't sweat so much.
• Taking care of your nails is also very important and not feminine at all. He would look untidy, and that's the biggest mistake one can make. It doesn't mean that you have to polish them or anything like that. Just cut them, and make sure they are always clean.
• Every man should always smell good. Using perfume is a great thing. Scent is a great thing, it has many stimulating feature and good smell may help you in various situation without you even noticing that. Choose perfume you like and you won't even smell it yourself, while you will surely make a good impression on other people.
• Take care of your hair. Don't let them get greasy, use hair conditioner to make them look soft. No matter what hair style you sport, it just won't look good if your hair will be greasy or look unhealthy. Beautiful hair is a great way to look better.
• Don't forget that it's all about looking tidy. No matter what style you prefer, make sure your clothes are always clean, without any holes and stuff like that. No matter what it takes for you to look tidy, be sure it's worth doing it. It's not that hard to do some basic things, which take no time. You will not just make a good impression on other people, but feel much better as well.

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