Senin, 18 Januari 2010

Best shampoo for Straight Hair

Straight hair is typically very fine and can be difficult to care for. While the way the hair is styled will have an impact on how straight your hair is, shampoo can also play a part in how straight your hair is. The type of shampoo you use can help add volume to thin hair and help keep it clean and protected. In this article, we'll discuss what you should look for when buying a shampoo for straight hair or if you wish to encourage your wavy hair to be straighter.

When looking for the right shampoo for straight hair, be sure to avoid creamy shampoos that are formulated for curly hair, as they can weigh down your hair and cause it to look greasy, so be on the lookout for clear shampoos. Look for shampoos that advertise formulas for fine, limp or straight hair. An important ingredient in good shampoos for straight hair is panthenol, which experts believe can penetrate the hair follicle and make each strand thicker.
Those with fine, straight hair often find that their hair looks oily the day after a shampoo, but this will depend on the product. Don't be afraid to experiment with how often you can go between shampooing, because the less you shampoo, the better it is for your hair.
If you have wavy hair and wish to encourage it to be straighter, you can also benefit from shampoos that are formulated for straight hair. Straightening shampoo can help by cutting down on frizz and flyaway hair, encouraging the hair to be smoother and straighter.
Often, straightening shampoos will need to be used in conjunction with another styling method if your hair is naturally curly, but this type of shampoo will certainly help protect the hair. For the best effect, be sure to choose a straightening shampoo that doesn't contain alcohol, which will result in dry hair.

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