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Choosing a Perfume

Your scent should be a reflection of your personality. But with so many products on the market, how do you know which one to choose?

You should be able to select the right scent for you based on which category it is in. Dividing perfume in to five major categories simplifies this enormous task!

• Floral
As the name suggests, floral perfumes have strong overtones of flowery fragrances. From roses to jasmine to lavender, floral perfumes have long been the most popular and wide-spread scents in the world, and are ideal for young and not-so-young alike. Anyone who wants to feel pretty and feminine without being overpowering should choose a floral perfume. Likewise, they're great as a safe perfume that's suitable for all ages and all occasions.

• Fruity
Fruity fragrances are generally spicy and fresh. They are quite youthful in their scent, and suitable for warm and cool weather alike. In winter, they invoke a sense of warm desserts and cider. In summer, they give an air of crispness. They are an excellent choice for women who like classic fragrances, but also want to add a little flair. If you're the type to be outside with friends on summer evenings, this is the perfume type for you.

• Woody
Earthy tones are the feature of woody fragrances. These perfumes usually feature such scents as sandalwood, patchouli and cedar, to give a rich, natural fragrance. Woody perfumes are versatile and easy to wear, and are better suited to the mature woman who wants to smell fresh but retain an air of sophistication. These are an excellent choice for the cooler months and evenings.

• Greens
Where woody perfumes capture the essence of forests and woodland, green perfumes have tones more reminiscent of cut grass and crisp spring growth. They possess some of the same scents as oriental perfumes, but are far lighter and suitable for casual wear as well as evening and business wear. They are generally funky and contemporary perfumes that are most suitable for younger and sportier people and can be worn on all occasions. Their neutral tones make them excellent for gifts.
• Oriental Oriental
Oriental perfumes are the strongest of all perfumes. Sensual overtones and rich undertones often make for quite heavy blends, but they are complemented by the fine scents of sweet vanilla, musk, sumptuous flowers and oriental resins. Most oriental perfumes have a wonderful crossing over of qualities from all the other categories from the spicy fruit tones to warm woody tones and this makes them a superb choice for corporate environments, evening events and special occasions, regardless of age.

Each category also contains a number of sub-categories, where cross-over tones create more complex fragrances. However, if you make sure you start with the right basic idea, you will make your shopping experience much more pleasant.

A perfume that reflects your interests, lifestyle and personality can be timeless. Knowledgeable sales assistants will be able to help you select from a range of suitable fragrances, so go out armed with what you've learned here, ask plenty of questions about the different perfumes and most importantly choose one you want to wear!

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